Notary Loan Signing Agent. Pros and Cons of Signing Service

Notary Loan Signing Agent. Pros and Cons of Signing Service

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  • October 29, 2022
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Do you know what notary public services do? Do notary publics and notary loan signing agents provide the same service? These questions often confuse people, who have never hired a notary before.

Almost 4.4 million notaries are serving people in the United States of America. As per recent statistics, around 143,942 notary publics are serving in California. Those notary publics provide essential support to authenticate legal documents.

A loan signing agent specializes in certifying and notarizing financial documents. A regular notary public authenticates the genuineness of other legal documents. Notaries are public officers appointed by the government to validate the signing of important documents. Their services prevent potential disputes and legalize major deals.

What does a notary loan signing agent do?

Notary loan signing agent

All the loan signing agents (LSAs) can serve as a notary, but all notary publics cannot serve as LSA. As the contract has been prepared, the notary will get involved. The notary is required to validate certain documents in the following industries:

  • Legal services: Signing and validating custody agreements, power of attorney, trust, affidavits, wills, and other important documents.
  • Financial services: Loan, deed, and mortgage closing documents along with auto title transfer.
  • Business services: Validating leases, employee contracts, construction agreements, acquisition documents, etc.

The government prohibits a notary loan signing agent from providing legal advice. The LSA cannot resolve the confusion signers have regarding terms. He cannot interpret the document involved in the deal. It is not a notary’s responsibility to prepare all the required documents. The loan signing agent gets involved only during the final stages of closing a mortgage. He provides support for document handling, signing, and processing.

Are notary loan signing agents reliable?

Being a borrower, you will have to share sensitive financial information with the loan signing agent in California. The notary will require some genuine documents to validate your identity.

Since this job requires handling and authenticating private financial information, all LSAs undergo background checks. Those checks ensure the notary is not involved in any kind of financial fraud.

Authorities also make annual background checks to ensure the customers’ information is safe. Loan signing agents also get consistent training to handle and process loan documents efficiently. The notary prints accurate loan documents and returns the signed documents to the authorities.

You should always contact a reputed notary loan signing agent when borrowing a mortgage. He will ensure that you have signed all the required documents and authenticate the entire proceeding.

Pros and Cons of signing service:

The following pros and cons of signing services will help you decide whether you should hire a loan signing agent or not.


  • Reduced cost

Every buyer needs to pay a one-time signing payment. Buyers can recover that cost by saving money on future payments. Many real estate firms in San Diego provide signing services. You can hire one of the recommended signing services to close the mortgage as soon as possible.

  • Notaries reduce the risk of errors

Notary loan signing agents are certified, professionals. They get additional training for serving as an LSA. If are hiring such a well-trained professional, the risk of signing errors will be pretty low. The notary authenticates documents, identities, and guides clients in signing all documents.

Common people do not know how many documents they need to sign when borrowing a mortgage. They also do not know where to sign to avoid errors and get a loan quickly. Notaries assist clients in avoiding document handling mistakes and signing all documents accurately.

  • LSAs save your time

It may take a long time to close a mortgage if the lender’s notary is always busy. Buyers can hire their notaries to speed up the closing process. You can search and find a reputed San Diego mobile notary to complete the lending process faster.

A mobile notary reaches the client at the provided location to witness the signing and processing of signed documents. It prevents clients from wasting time on scheduling the appointment and taking the notary’s support to validate agreement documents.

  • Fraud prevention

A reputed notary loan signing agent will be a member of a reputed organization. Besides, he will be a certified professional to notarize the involved document. If the other party tries to make you sign an illegal document, your notary will notice it and prevent fraud. Notaries have prevented millions of people from getting trapped in dangerous deals. They operate legally and assist anyone who hires them.


It is mandatory to hire a loan signing agent for a mortgage closing. You cannot authenticate signed documents if the notary is not present at the time of signing the document. Some noticeable cons of notary loan signing agents include the following:

  • No support for correcting mistakes in the document

Loan signing agents do not provide any support to recognize and correct errors in the document. They only assist the client in signing the document and identifying the identities of the involved parties. You will need other experts to prepare and check the document before signing it.

  • Notarization fees

All states in the USA have set the maximum fee a notary can charge. That fee varies in all states and mobile notaries charge a more expensive fee for their support.

  • Scheduling issues

Notaries that work with lenders are always busy. You need to find a separate notary in San Diego to schedule a suitable signing date. Reputed notaries inform both parties and schedule a date chosen by both parties.

Final thoughts

Notary loan signing agents have helped millions of people in California in closing mortgages without any error. You should not make the mistake of hiring a regular notary for the loan signing work. Contact the best notary public services and hire a professional loan signing agent.

The LSA specializes in dealing with financial institutions. That person has already handled many mortgage documents. You can eliminate the risk of mistakes when buying a new property. It will help you move to the new place quickly. You will have a legally authenticated document ensuring the ownership of the property. So, hire the best notary loan signing agent now!

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