How to Waterproof Your Basement in 7 Steps

How to Waterproof Your Basement in 7 Steps

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  • September 27, 2022
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Is there dampness on the basement walls? Does the basement floor feel moist? These are indications that water is seeping into your basement through cracks in the wall or the foundation.

What can you do to resolve the dampness issue and keep the basement dry? Is there a permanent solution? Yes, basement waterproofing companies in Seattle can fix this issue and help you maintain a clean and beautiful basement.

You should know the waterproofing procedure to ensure the service provider is doing a great job. You can waterproof your basement in 7 simple steps to keep it clean and improve the property value! Those steps are as follows!

Dig the ground around the foundation of your house

Is digging necessary? Yes, it is essential if you are hoping for long-term relief from the damp basement issue. Hire professionals to excavate the land around the outer perimeter of the foundation.

The trench should go all the way to the base of the foundation. It will expose the outer side of the basement walls and the foundation. Now, you can implement the best basement waterproofing solution to prevent water leaks in basement walls and floors.

Gravel, drainage tiles, or crushed stone drains must be installed to prevent the problem. It will be an expensive undertaking, but it will ensure your basement remains dry.

Basement waterproofing

Find cracks

You should start looking for cracks in the wall when the digging procedure has been completed. Search for damp spots on basement walls. It is more likely to find cracks on the outer side of the wall where dampness is occurring.

You will have to coat a layer of hydraulic cement on the wall to seal all cracks. Hydraulic cement expands and fills all cracks to prevent water from seeping into the wall. It is a proven solution and reputed waterproofing services in Washington recommend this solution.

Apply sealant

Cement-based sealants work perfectly to cover cracks and prevent water seepages. You have to apply such sealants on the exterior walls to prevent leaks. Applying this material should not be a daunting task. You can apply it directly over masonry surfaces to protect interior walls.

Cement-based sealants harden quickly and cover all pores in the concrete layer. This step will ensure all hairline cracks are filled. Thus, the risk of water damage will reduce significantly. Ask the waterproofing solution provider to follow this step to keep water out of your basement walls.

Install waterproofing membranes

Waterproofing membranes are asphalt-modified polyurethane materials. Experts use it mainly to prevent water leaks in the foundation. Professionals spray this material on the foundation wall to protect it against water damage. Elastomeric membranes have proven their waterproofing abilities. Therefore, a layer of waterproofing membranes can add an additional layer of protection.

Elastomeric membranes flex and shift along with cracks to keep them sealed from the outside. You should avoid the damp-proofer product because it won’t protect the outer side of the wall. Waterproofing membranes are the best to prevent water leaks in the basement.

Seal interior cracks

Once the outer side of the basement walls and the foundation is treated, you have to seal cracks that occurred in the interior walls. Waterproofing professionals can recommend a variety of materials to seal interior cracks. Choose top-quality sealants to fill all cracks.

This process may require the removal of paint to find cracks and voids. A layer of waterproofing material will provide additional protection against dampness. It will keep water out and thus your basement will remain dry for years.

Install French drains

The French drain ensures no water accumulates on your basement floor and keeps it dry. It requires digging a tiny trench along the perimeter of the foundation. The service provider will make tiny holes in the foundation to allow the water to accumulate in the trench and flow toward a bucket. You can throw the accumulated water out with the help of a pump.

The French drain remains hidden underneath the basement floor. Thus, it does not release moisture in the basement and the basement remains dry. This step is essential to keep the basement floor clean, so do not miss it!

Use a dehumidifier

Even though there are no cracks in the basement walls, it may feel damp due to condensation. Basements are often cold and hot air coming from windows can turn into tiny water droplets. Those water drops can cause dampness and create a perfect environment for mould and mildew growth.

You can install a high-quality dehumidifier to maintain a dry and fresh environment in the basement. It is the last thing you need to do to ensure your basement is clean and the air inside that area is fresh. Once the waterproofing procedure is over, the basement will become one of the cleanest rooms in your house.

Should you hire a professional for basement waterproofing in Seattle?

When you hire a professional waterproofing solution provider, he works to protect your house against water damage. Leaking water can damage basement walls and your house’s foundation. Only a professional knows how to carry out exterior and interior waterproofing. He has access to top-quality materials and equipment required for the treatment. Therefore, you must hire a professional for the job.

DIY waterproofing solutions also work, but you do not get long-term relief. Water can find new cracks to seep into the basement. It will damage basement walls, contribute to mould and mildew growth, and make that area stink!

You should try DIY waterproofing solutions, such as the application of sealant and epoxy to fill cracks. Thus, you can get some time before going for a permanent solution. Once you are ready to hire professionals in Seattle, WA, make sure they follow each step. Thus, you will know the waterproofing service provider is an expert in his field and trying everything to prevent water leaks.

Final thoughts

Basement waterproofing is necessary, especially for your health. A damp environment is ideal for mould growth and many germs can thrive in such an environment. If you have kids, your basement should remain dry always. Hire the best waterproofing service provider in Washington to avoid dampness in the basement.

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